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Pepea Email Hosting

Have you been searching for?

• Unlimited mailbox space

• Guaranteed service availability

• Synchronized functionality

• Effective inbound and outbound email filtering

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Pepea Email Security

What stands between your mailbox and;

• Spam emails

• Phishing attacks and scams

• Malicious attachments?

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Pepea Email Marketing

• Enhance broadcasting with no delays

• Reach a large segment of your target audience with your message instantly

• Increase ROI by tracking campaign progress

• No blacklisting of your emails

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Pepea Email Archiving

A 100% accurate repository for all inbound/outbound emails;

• Recover all your emails in just one click

• Enjoy faster and seamless email migration

• Advanced search and retrieval feature of archived emails

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Pepea Data Backup

Our backup solution is;

• Fully automated

• Secured with end to end encryption

• Fast in deployment and restoration

• Supported by a dedicated team of experts

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Pepea Disaster Recovery

In case of any business disruption;

• Enjoy business continuity no matter the damage

• Instantaneously failover your systems and continue working from our end

• Quickly restore your data and avoid the cost of downtime

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Pepea Cloud Server Hosting

• Enjoy 99.9% systems connectivity

• Easily upscale during boom in traffic or demand

• Save on costs and only pay for the resources you use

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Pepea Virtual Private Server Hosting

Choose VPS hosting for:

• Full control over virtual server configuration and customization

• Faster loading times

• A Flexible and scalable hosting plan

• High level of guaranteed security

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Pepea Dedicated Server Hosting

Power mission critical and resource intensive applications with full access to resources on a single server without incurring the costs of purchasing and maintaining any hardware or software.

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Pepea Server Colocation

Say goodbye to;

• System downtime

• High electric bills

• Frequent Faiba cuts

• High maintenance costs

Relocate your on premise servers to our data centre that is well managed and highly secure

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